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Shark installation guide

The Shark is a saddle designed to help cyclists to sit correctly, both side ways and in the plane anteroposterior. This way we can avoid or minimize hip rotations, also known as the perineal pressure in convenience, groind is comfort and other inguinal discomfor tknown as the cycling discomforts.

The key feature is its saddle fin, a bump that sends a positiona lsignal to the triangle formed by the base of the ischial tuberosity so that the rider feels through a light contact with the fin where to sit on the saddle.

The Shark comes in 3 sizes; a medium,small and extra small sizes.It depends on the forward flexion of the trunk. The more flexion the riders have on the bike, the higher fin have to choose and the more marked signal we need, scheduled for severe hip rotations in positions of triathlon performance or high level road cycling. In the disciplines of  MTB or recreational cycling, due to the lower trunk flexion, the height of the fin is lower, but also its positioning effect is less.

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Shark width is determined in relation to the ischial width (distance between your sit bones) or the anterior superior iliac spine.

Keys to the positioning

– The Shark is a saddle that requires professional installation, both in mechanical and ergonomic aspects.
– Sometimes you have to advance the existing position and sometimes put it back, depending to a great extent on the previous situation and the correction needed.
– Also, if the source of this current rotation is a result of a limb loss or an imbalance of the main muscles, the Shark may be insufficient.
The recommendation is to be placed with a person trained in bicycle biomechanics or a bike fitter.
The end result is a saddle that provides a lot of pelvic stability, resulting in a much more efficient pedalling.


– It must be flat in the front area of the saddle, the rear area being set somewhat higher.

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–  If the fin annoys or noticed to strongly, perhaps it can be set slightly (1-2 cm) backwards to take away pressure

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-If the fin is not felt or noticed, it must be positioned (0,5 – 2 cm) slightly forwards.

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– If you feel pelvic pressure, the Shark is not doing its function and has probably not been installed correctly or the origin of the rotation is still in place.
– If you the 2 ischia (sitbones) are molested or incomfortable the fin needs to be slightly higher.
– If you only 1 ischium is molestated the Shark does not work, please check with a bike fitter

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The lesser the protection of your bike pants in the area of ​​the sheepskin, the better it works the Shark..

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